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What is a call center?

Call center is web-based software, where you can handle inbound and outbound calls of your business on your computer. With additional features like IVR, reports and analytics, monitoring and agent management and more.

Cloud Call Center

With the minimal need of hardware requirement: laptop, headphone and steady internet and your business will be ready to offer world class customer service to your valuable clients.

On-premises Call Center

Ideal for large number of agents, you might prefer the server and hardware on-site of your business. But unlike other service provider, scalability in either cloud or on premise is not a problem with Getdesk.

Build customer experience everyone will remember


Know your need and phone system

Moving to digital system is easy and better but you need infrastructure that can well support your desired upgrade of Call Center Solution. Do not worry, we are here to guide you with on everything.

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Easy set up

With minimal hardware requirement, move to Call Center set up within days. Our software is easy-to-use, and you can start right away. Any software training is on us.

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Gain Visibility

Get rid of guesswork. Monitor your business and team performance in real-time and start making necessary improvements.


Increase productivity

With reports and analytics on hand, increase needed team and provide training. Focus on right KPIs to enable growth of team and business.


Bring value to voice

Empower your agents

Empower your agents with Knowledge Base, Live Coaching features through which they can better respond to customers’ needs and assist them to make First Call Resolution.

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Make informed decisions

When you have access to reports and analytics for calls and your agents through Real time Monitoring and Insights, you can make better decisions for your business

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Personalize customer experience

With IVR menus, skill-based call routing automate customers’ experience and personalize it at same time with contact and activity history access of previous customers.

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Enable Remote working

With Getdesk Call Center on cloud, enable working from anywhere while staying connected to the team.

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