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Frequently Asked Questions

Getdesk Call Center Software is a web-based software that equips agent with tools to handle inbound and outbound calls of the business. With tools like ACD, call recording, activity pane and so on makes it easy for businesses to interact with customers through voice.
Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a tool in our call center software that distributes incoming calls programmatically to the best suited agent within the company. For instance, call will be routed to the agent who has received least number of calls among the agents or based on skills.
Interactive Voice Response is a tool that allows customer to choose a desired agent or department while calling the organization. For instance, thank you for calling, press 1 for finance department, press 2 for sales, press 3 for customer support.
If you opt in for our digital phone number (which we suggest), the set up will be done between 10-12 days. Infrastructure from clients’ side like laptop/ PC, steady Internet, headphone for cloud call center and additional server and other necessary hardware for on-premises call center should be ready for software to function smoothly.
With reports and analytics features, you never miss a call, and you can track every call and manage them amongst agents. Know your agent’s performance, base it to provide appraisals or training support. With Activity Pane, be familiar with customer before answering the call making it personalized just for them and many more.

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